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Good Morning! Good Morning!
(My appologies for the bed head and slept on face look, but I had the bright idea to start blogging and ... I just couldn't be bothered to fix myself)

Hello universe! & new glasses!

This is my first blog on my modeling page and I am a little bit excited!

I have a ton of new plans in the work that I am super excited about and look forward to unfolding to you all!


Current hair colour is BOMBSHELL BLONDE! ;)
I am infact rocking a tan these days, despite the winter! ( Living in Mexico for a few months didn't hurt)
I am currently working many promo's including BMW's X-TOUR! So we will be all over Ontario so check us out!

I am BACK AT SCHOOL! for Medical Office Admin.
I love to learn and felt this would be a great asset to have no matter what!
BRAINS is BEAUTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!